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ElectriCalc Pro

ElectriCalc Pro

The ElectriCalc Pro is the most complete NEC calculator. Compliant with the 2014 NEC!

Price: $95.95
Product Code: 5070
Publisher: Calculated Industries

Electrical Contractors, Designers, Electricians and Lighting Specialists solve tough electrical calculations in seconds and deliver those solutions in conformance with the latest NEC.

The ElectriCalc Pro is a complete electrical reference tool that will save time, trouble, and money. Update to future NEC updates with an easy-to-install kit. Includes Armadillo Gear Protective Hard Case. Compliant with the 2014, 2011, 2008, 2005, and 2003 National Electrical Code.

It helps you solve for:

  • Wire Sizes
  • Integrated Voltage Drop
  • Conduit Sizing
  • Motor Full-Load Amps
  • Fuse and Breaker Sizes
  • NEC Table Number displayed when performing Wire Size Calculations
  • Service and Equipment Grounding Conductor Sizes
  • Enter BTU to find Kilowatts per Hour
  • Enter Kilowatts per Hour to find BTU
  • Parallel Resistance
  • Ohm's Law Calculations -- Enter any two values to solve for the third!
  • Circular MILS wire sizes