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Significant Changes to the ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard, 2017 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 7811S17

Significant Changes to the ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard, 2017 Edition is the perfect companion guide to help you navigate and understand the 2017 edition of the ICC A117.1 standard. There is no better guide on the market! This essential resource will help you identify the changes that have been made from the 2009 version all the way to the 2017 version. With each change noted comes the reason for the change and the rationale behind the change so you can understand why these changes take place and what affects them. Unlike other guides that are made to use with code books, this one is unique. The purpose of this guide book is to help you understand and implement the most meaningful and useful of the codes standards and provisions found in the A117.1 standard. So instead of wasting your time with code changes that don’t matter or codes that aren’t used all too often, this guide book helps you get down to the important and critical codes that you need to understand. With each code section comes a photograph or a real world example that helps you visualize the code. There are even some codes that come with illustrations. Following the picture there is a summary and analysis of the code to help you grasp the concept fully and prepare you to comply with what the code has outlined.

This is the perfect guide for design professionals, inspectors, plans examiners, and building officials to help themselves become familiar with the changes included in the 2017 version of the code standard. New to the 2017 version is information on floor spaces, turning spaces, motorized wheelchairs, blended transitions, curb cuts, and the parking requirements that go along with the Public Rights of Way Guidelines. This is an invaluable resource that you don’t want to miss out on, so order your copy today!