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Architectural Acoustics

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470190524

Architectural Acoustics is the most complete guide to acoustics for architects, engineers, and interior designers.  This must-have manual will help you stay up-to-date with basic concepts, materials, and technologies when it comes to sound and the design of your building.  It covers basic principles, different materials, strategies, and the methods you can use to enhance sound in your buildings!

Also included in this edition are real life case studies to not only enhance your experience, but to help you see how these concepts are applied in real buildings.  Don’t miss out on a chance to add this valuable text to your library!


Chapter 1 Introduction to Architectural Acoustics and Basic Principles

Chapter 2 Acoustical Materials and Methods



Chapter 3 Building Noise Control Applications



Chapter 4 Acoustical Design: Places for Listening 

Chapter 5 Sound Systems

Chapter 6 Recent Innovations in Acoustical Design and Research 

Chapter 7 Sustainable Design and Aoucstics