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Finish Carpenter's Manual

Product Code/ISBN: 9780934041829

This well-written manual covers all aspects of finish carpentry including pricing your work. The advice is sound and this book can save you from from making a number of mistakes.

Includes everything you need to know to be a finish carpenter:

  • Assessing a job before you begin
  • Tricks of the trade from a master finish carpenter

Easy-to-follow instructions for:

  • Installing doors and windows
  • Ceiling treatments (including fancy beams, corbels, cornices, and moldings)
  • Wall treatments (including wainscoting and sheet paneling)
  • The finishing touches of chair, picture, and plate rails

Specialized interior work includes cabinetry and built-ins, stair finish work, and closets. Also covers exterior trims and porches. Includes manhour tables for finish work, and hundreds of illustrations and photos.

The author, Jim Tolpin is a fine writer and he even manages to make this instructional book, an interesting read. If you're interested in finish carpentry this is a great book for you. It even shows how to correct framing and drywall problems early on before they become problems later on.

Business wise, this book has it all -- from figuring manhours, to giving job estimates and to actualy earning money. It is filled to the brim with how-to tips such as scribing a jambless window sill and coping crown moulding. It's one of the best books you can buy on finish carpentry.