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2014 New York City Mechanical Code

Product Code/ISBN: 5093L14

The 2014 New York City Mechanical Code is a fully integrated custom code based on the 2009 International Mechanical Code.


  • Duties and Powers of the Commissioner of Buildings
  • Construction documents
  • Inspections and testing
  • General definitions

Then it breaks into protection of structures, equipment and appliance location, and installation, piping support, access and service space, condensate disposal, clearance reduction, temperature controls, smoke and heat vents, heating and cooling load calculations.

Other coverage includes:

  • Ventilation: Covers natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, enclosed parking garages, systems control, ventilation of uninhabited spaces, ventilation of non-production chemical laboratories
  • Exhaust Systems: Covers required systems, motors and fans, clothes dryer exhaust, domestic kitchen equipment exhaust, commercial kitchen hood ventilation system ducts and exhaust equipment, commercial kitchen hoods, commercial kitchen makeup air, fire suppression systems, hazardous exhaust systems, dust, stock and refuse, smoke control systems, energy recovery ventilation systems, postfire smoke purge systems
  • Duct Systems: Plenums, duct construction and installation, insulation, air filters, smoked detection, systems control, ducts and air transfer openings, air outlets and air inlets, service openings
  • Combustion Air: Covers inside air, outdoor air, combined use of inside and outdoor air, forced combustion air supply, direct connection, combustion air ducts, opening obstructions, opening location and protection
  • Chimneys and vents: Covers vents, connectors, direct-vent, integral vent, mechanical draft systems, factory-built chimneys, metal chimneys, changes in appliance fuels, reduction of flue size, chimney supported from equipment, test run and smoke test, exhaust gases from internal combustion engines
  • Specific Appliances, Fireplaces, and Solid Fuel-Burning Equipment: Covers masonry fireplaces, factory-built fireplaces, pellet fuel-burning appliances, fireplace stoves and room heaters, factory-built barbecue appliances, incinerators and crematories, cooling towers, evaporative condensers and fluid coolers, vented wall furnaces, floor furnaces, duct furnaces, infrared radiant heaters, clothes dryers, sauna heaters, engine and gas turbine-powered equipment and appliances, pool and spa heaters, cooking appliances, forced-air warm-air furnaces, conversion burners, munit heaters, vented room heaters, kerosene and oil-fired stoves, small ceramic kilns, stationary fuel cell power plants, masonry heaters, noise control requirements
  • Boilers, Water Heaters, and Pressure Vessels: Covers water heaters, pressure vessels, boilers and controls, boiler low-water cutoff, boiler blowoff/blowdown valves, hot water boiler expansion tank, gauges, and tests
  • Refrigeration: System requirements, refrigeration systems, classification, system application requirements, machinery room, machinery room, special requirements, refrigerant piping, field test, periodic testing
  • Hydronic Piping: Includes joints and connections, pipe insulation, valves, piping installation, transfer fluid, tests, embedded piping, high-pressure steam piping systems
  • Fuel, Oil Piping, and Storage: Joints and connections, piping support, fuel-oil system installation, oil gauging, fuel-oil valves, testing
  • Solar Systems: Installation, heat transfer fluids, materials