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Field Engineer's Manual, Third Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 007135624X

As an engineer working in the field, you can't bring along a library of technical materials for every problem that might arise.

You need a compact portable reference containing the wide range of technical data necessary to conduct preliminary surveys, solve field problems, evaulate construction plans, select building materials, and deal with hundreds of other unpredictable situations.

For more than two decades, professional engineers, contractors, and project supervisors have turned to Parmleys Field Engineer's Manual for instant access to reliable data on:

  • Hydraulics
  • Erosion control
  • Drainage
  • Construction materials
  • Welding
  • Sewage collection
  • Water supply and storage
  • Fire protection
  • Energy and fuels
  • Geology and soils
  • Athletic facilities
  • And more!

Completely revised, this Third Edition of Field Engineer's Manual includes new sections on sewage treatment, streets and roads, and rope tying and splicing, as well as expanded and updated coverage of field inspection, electricity, HVAC, surveying, drainage, safety and first aid, and much more!

Along with an attractive new layout that makes accessing information even easier, this complete working tool comes all-inclusive with over 400 illustrations, mathematical formulas, conversion tables, information on SI units, and a comprehensive cross-referenced index.