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Grounded! Amazing Classroom Demonstrations in Soil Mechanics

Product Code/ISBN: 9780784413920

The perfect manual for teaching soil mechanics in engineering. Although these experiments might make you laugh and might not be the best for the more serious members of the industry, relax a little and let the learning take over! You’ll discover how different soils behave and how they can react to different situations and climates.


Table of Contents

  1. Exploding Soils (Extreme Slaking)
  2. Rice is Nice (an Exercise in Pile Capacity)
  3. Break that Block (the Power of Bentonite)
  4. A Retaining Wall Made of Paper
  5. Slip Slidin’ Away with Effective Stress
  6. Magic Breaker (Sand Defies Gravity)
  7. Effective Potato Chips
  8. Foam Balls in a Pipe (Soil Arching)
  9. Geotechnical Rorschach Test (Water Flows around a Drain, instead of into the Drain)
  10. Hairy Soil
  11. Sand Cylinder Hoisting
  12. Water That Won’t Go Through a Sieve (and Water that Does)
  13. Dilation in Someone’s Hand (Silty Soil Identification)
  14. Piping Under a Sheetpile Dam
  15. Jar of Rocks (Soil Void Ratio, Porosity, Unit Weight, and Water Content of Soils)
  16. Liquefication by Upward Gradient
  17. Blow it Out (Critical Hydraulic Gradient) and Flowliness
  18. Relative Density of Soil in a Graduated Cylinder
  19. Soil Filter Demonstration Using Marbles
  20. Sand in a Jar (Strong as you are)
  21. Slinky Shear and Compression Waves
  22. Soil Bridge in a Tube
  23. Capillarity and Cotton Balls (Bonus: Nonwoven Geotextile Strength Demonstration)
  24. Stick-Slip Behavior
  25. Tilt Me Up Scotty (Interface Friction)
  26. Soils Relaxing (the Angle of Repose)
  27. Falling Head over Heels for Permeability (the Permeability of Oobleck)
  28. Bulking of Soils (AKA: Less Soil for your Money)
  29. Geotextile Puncture Test
  30. Soil Dilation and Compaction Using Ping Pong Balls
  31. Campus Geology Tour
  32. Settlement Rates of Soils in jars
  33. Bearing Capacity (Bigger is Better)
  34. Retailing Wall in a Box
  35. Rockfall Simulator Lab



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