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RS Means Plumbing Costs Book 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 9781950656158


The 2020 RS Means Plumbing Costs Book includes up-to-date cost data for reliable plumbing budgets, estimates and cost comparisons.

It contains the latest unit price data, systems cost tables, helpful reference tables, estimating tips, and square foot cost tables, and is your comprehensive estimating resource for plumbing and fire protection construction.

The 2020 Edition of RS Means Plumbing Cost Data allows you to:

  • Quote benchmark prices for alternate materials, specs, or designs
  • Get prices for unfamiliar plumbing installations
  • Price ADA-mandated plumbing installations
  • Prepare schedules using the labor and equipment productivity data
  • Quote square/cubic Foot costs for plumbing and fire protection in typical buildings such as restaurants, schools, and office buildings

This all-new cost data guide also features:

  • Over 200 lines of selective demolition costs
  • 100 lines of lint and sand interceptors
  • Expanded coverage of backflow preventers
  • Miscellaneous pipe fittings and supports
  • Location factors for more than 900 areas cover all U.S. zip code sectional centers and selected Canadian postal zones
  • Updated unit prices, assemblies cost tables, square foot costs, giving you up-to-date price data for almost every plumbing estimating need
    • Conforms to the latest CSI Masterformat Master List of Numbers and Titles for Unit Prices and UNIFORMAT II numbering system for the Assemblies section