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Acret's California Construction Laws Annotated, 2019 Edition, Volume I

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557019738

Volume I - Business & Professional Code

Here's a book that no contractor in California should be without. Volume I of the Acrets California Construction Laws Annotated begins the 2-part series with a comprehensive collection of California laws, regulations, constitutional articles, and published opinions governing both public and private works of improvement.

This book gives you relevant code citations for every legal issue you face:

  • Mechanical lien
  • Stop notices
  • Payment bonds
  • Payment options
  • Licensing
  • Arbitration
  • Contracts and obligations
  • Claims against public entities
  • Indemnity
  • Surety and insurance
  • Labor
  • Employment and hours
  • And much more

New in the 2019 Edition is coverage of the use of contracts by professional engineers, new appelllate court rulings on subcontractor license suspension, new rules affecting contracts and obligations, indemnity claims and title insurance, worker compensation, and much more.