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Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance, Fifth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781482258455

Your business sometimes can depend on whether or not you can manage unexpected risks. Risk Management: Concepts and Guidance, 5th Edition will help you to manage those risks and sometimes even predict and attack the risks before they even happen. Through the powerful techniques and suggestions offered in this must-have manual you can asses and manage different risks all within the realm of the project you are working on or within your program environment.

The risks presented in this incredible manual are brought to you from the perspective of the project manager. It brings to light some of the lesser known facts that risk can be a hazard and also an opportunity that can be taken advantage of. Don’t miss out on this incredible book and don’t start another project without adding it to your library!

Table of Contents

  1. Risk Management Practices
  2. Risk Concepts
  3. The Risk Management Structure
  4. Expert Interviews
  5. Planning Meetings/The Risk Management Plan
  6. Risk Practice Methodology
  7. Documentation Reviews
  8. Analogy Comparisons
  9. Plan Evaluation
  10. Delphi Technique
  11. Brainstorming
  12. Crawford Slip Method (CSM)
  13. SWOT Analysis
  14. Checklists
  15. Risk Breakdown Structure
  16. Root Cause Identification and Analysis
  17. Risk Registers/Tables
  18. Project Templates
  19. Assumptions Analysis
  20. Decision Analysis-Expected Monetary Values
  21. Estimating Relationships
  22. Network Analysis (Excluding PERT)
  23. PERT
  24. Other Diagramming Techniques
  25. Rating Schemes
  26. Urgency Assessment
  27. Futures Thinking
  28. Risk Modeling
  29. Sensitivity Analysis
  30. Monte Carlo Situations
  31. Risk Factors
  32. Risk Response Matrix/Pugh Matrix
  33. Performance Tracking and Technical Performance Measurement
  34. Risk Reviews and Audits
  35. Other Common Techniques


Appendix A: Contractor Risk Management

Appendix B: An Abbreviated List of Risk Sources

Appendix C: Basic Probability Concepts

Appendix D: Quantifying Expert Judgment

Appendix E: Special Notes on Software Risk