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2015 Caltrans Standard Specifications

Product Code/ISBN: 75100309-15

The Caltrans Standard Specifications is the gold standard for road and highway work in California.

It covers general provisions including:

  • Definitions and terms
  • Proposal requirements
  • Contract requirements
  • Control of the work
  • Control of the material
  • Legal requirements and responsibility
  • Dust control requirements
  • Construction area traffic control devices
  • Requirements for clearing, grading, and finishing roadways

The 2015 Caltrans Standard Specifications also discusses:

  • Requirements for subbases and bases, including lime stabilization, aggregate, cement, and lean concrete
  • Surfacing and pavements including bituminous seals, ashalt concrete, portland cement, and groove and grind pavement
  • Structures and signs, drainage facilities, traffic control facilities, and just about all materials used in road and highway construction

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