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2008 Calculations Exam Questions and Answers

2008 Calculations Exam Questions and Answers

Includes five Journeyman and five Master practice exams & answers!

Price: $51.95
ISBN: 9780945495970
Product Code: 105-08
Year: 2008
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 350
Publisher: Tom Henry's Code Electric

Calculations for the Electrical Exam contains 9 chapters of solid calculation instruction that cover:

  • Continuous loads
  • Branch Circuits
  • Ampacity and Correction factors for Ambient temperatures and Neutral conductors
  • Conductor terminations per 110.14(C)
  • Advantages of using 90 degree Celsius conductors (THHN)
  • Calculating Motor Overload protection, along with Overcurrent protection and wire sizing for the branch circuit and feeder for Single phase and Three phase Motors
  • Sizing Taps, Box/Conduit Sizing, along with Straight pulls
  • Angle pulls and U pulls for conductor sizes #4 and larger
  • Residential and Commercial Cooking Equipment, Single phase ranges on a three phase system
  • Calculating Commercial & Dwelling service sizes
  • Paralleling conductors, Panelboard Sizing, & MORE!

This best-selling electrical reference includes five Journeyman and five Master practice exams and answers. Over 350 pages of excellent calculation study material. The writing of this book is an accumulation of over 50 years' electrical experience working as in the field as an apprentice electrician, journeyman electrician, industrial electrician, construction electrician, master electrician, electrical inspector, and over 25 years as an electrical instructor preparing over 25,000 electricians throughout the U.S.A. for their electrical license examination.

An electrical license is required by most cities, counties, and states (which generally do not reciprocate). This requires taking electrical exams in different areas if you travel in your electrical work. Exam-taking by the electrician is difficult for the simple reason that an electrician is often working from a blueprint where the calculations were performed by an electrical designer. In the field electricians use a slide for determining how many conductors can be installed in a certain size conduit or what size overloads are required for a motor.

But in taking the electrical exam, the electrician, with the NEC, must determine the maximum fill permitted in the conduit, the minimum size overloads, and how to design the electrical system to the Code minimum requirements. This makes the electrical exam all the more difficult to pass, and practicing for the exam, using 2008 Calculations Exam Questions and Answers, all the more valuable.