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2008 NEC - National Electrical Code Handbook

2008 NEC - National Electrical Code Handbook

By Mark W. Earley, Jeffery S. Sargent, Joseph V. Sheehan, E. William Buss

Provides the technical support required to comply efficiently, avoid violations, and keep electrical installations on track with the 2008 NEC!

Price: $219.95
ISBN: 9780877657934
Product Code: 70HB08
Year: 2008
Binding: Hardcover     Page Count: 1,500
Publisher: National Fire Protection Association

Only NFPA's National Electrical Code Handbook includes the full 2008 NEC text-no other electrical reference has it!


  • Expert commentary explains NEC rationale and offers practical, hands-on advice on how to comply-including first-time coverage of new articles, explanations of new and revised rules, and clear examples of application
  • First-time commentary addresses new articles on topics such as Critical Operations Power Systems -- get expert advice on how to properly apply new NEC requirements for "hardened" wiring systems for facilities where continuity of operation is essential to public safety
  • More than 500 full-color graphics, diagrams, photos, tables, and charts illustrate concepts
  • Commentary is color-coded so it's easy to distinguish from mandatory NEC provisions
  • Summaries of key changes in each article highlight revisions in the 2008 NEC
  • New identifiers at the top of each page in the index help users locate topics and identify solutions

If your local jurisdiction requires that you wire to 2008 NEC requirements, the National Electrical Code Handbook will show you all you need to comply!