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2009 ICC International Plumbing Code (IPC), Softcover

2009 ICC International Plumbing Code (IPC), Softcover

Includes the 2009 International Private Sewage Disposal Code!

Price: $91.95
ISBN: 9781580017336
Product Code: 3200S09
Year: 2009
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 244
Publisher: International Code Council

The 2009 International Plumbing Code provides comprehensive minimum regulations for plumbing facilities in terms of both performance and prescriptive objectives, and provides for the acceptance of new and innovative products, materials and systems. Included is the 2009 International Private Sewage Disposal Code.

This companion to the International Plumbing Code includes provisions for design, installation, and inspection of private sewage disposal systems and provides flexibility in the development of safe and sanitary systems.

New to the 2009 International Plumbing Code:

  • Field installed shower liners must be leak tested to assure that the installation is watertight
  • Building occupant loads are required to be split into male and female numbers before plumbing fixture ratios are applied
  • Frost-proof yard hydrants with below-grade waste valves are specifically prohibited unless upstream backflow protection is provided and the hydrant is permanently identified with "do not drink" signage
  • Sinks utilized for cleaning food utensils, dishes, pots, pans and serviceware must indirectly connect to the sanitary drainage system by an air gap or air break
  • Water heaters must have a level working space of 30 inches by 30 inches on the control side and equipment and piping/ductwork running to and from unrelated equipment cannot block removal of a water heater
  • Public toilet facilities must have directional signage for the route to the facilities
  • And much more!

The code also regulates nonflammable medical gas, inhalation anesthetic, vacuum piping, nonmedical oxygen systems, and sanitary and condensate vacuum collection systems.

Note that the installation of fuel gas distribution piping and equipment, fuel-gas-fired water heaters, and water heater venting systems are regulated by the 2009 International Fuel Gas Code.