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2011 National Electrical Code: Pocket Guide

2011 National Electrical Code: Pocket Guide to Commercial and Industrial Electrical Installations

By Charles R. Miller

Save time and improve accuracy with the quick, concise reference material found in this book!

Price: $42.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9780877659648
Year: 2011
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 574
Publisher: National Fire Protection Association

The official source for the NEC 2011 is here, and it's packed with reliable information you need for safe, accurate, and efficient installations. Packaged in a handy, pocket-sized format, the NEC 2011 Pocket Guide for Commercial & Industrial Electrical Installations is a must-have resource that offers guidelines and installation rules for commercial and industrial occupancies.

Whether working in an office, a factory, or a warehouse, electrical installers will find that they can save time and improve their accuracy with the quick, concise reference material found in this book. Store it in a toolbox, a glove compartment, or even a pocket -- and you'll always have the code requirements you need, whenever you need them!

Offers a comprehensive yet concise resource by including thorough coverage of need-to-know topics, including frequently accessed requirements regarding:

  • Temporary wiring
  • Branch-circuit, feeder, and service calculations
  • Switchboards, panelboards, and disconnects
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Grounding
  • Boxes and enclosures
  • Wiring methods
  • Switches
  • Lighting
  • Generators
  • Emergency systems
  • And more!

Additional Features:

  • Simplifies the application of key information by logically arranging topics to follow the installation process
  • Provides additional resource material to support the main content, such as conduit and tubing fill tables, as well as other charts and formulas

You'll always run into questions on the job. Have the 2011 NEC Pocket Guide handy to make sure that your wiring is code-compliant with the 2011 NEC!