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2012 International Plumbing Code Study Companion

2012 International Plumbing Code Study Companion

A comprehensive Study Guide created to help you better understand the 2012 IPC.

Price: $52.00
ISBN: 9781609831585
Product Code: 4217S12
Year: 2012
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 360
Publisher: International Code Council

The Study Companion is a comprehensive self-study guide for the 2012 International Plumbing Code.

It covers numerous topics found in the 2012 International Plumbing Code, including:

  • General regulations
  • Fixtures
  • Water supply and distribution
  • Sanitary drainage and vents

The Companion's 15 study sessions provide practical learning assignments and contain specific learning objectives, applicable code text and commentary, and a list of questions summarizing key points for study.

A 25-question quiz is provided at the end of each study session enabling users to test their knowledge of the material. An answer key indicates the correct response and reference for each of the 375 total questions.  

The 2012 International Plumbing Code Study Companion provides practical learning assignments for independent study of the provisions of the 2012 International Plumbing Code (IPC).

The independent study format affords a method for the student to complete the program in an unregulated time period.

Progressing through the workbook, the learner can measure his or her level of knowledge by using the exercises and quizzes for each study session.

The workbook is also valuable for instructor-led programs. In jurisdictional training sessions, community college classes, vocational training programs and other structured educational offerings, the study guide and the International Plumbing Code can be the basis for classroom instruction.

All study sessions begin with a general learning objective specific to the session, the specific code sections or chapter under consideration and a list of questions summarizing the key points of study.

Each session addresses selected topics from the International Plumbing Code and include:

  • Code text
  • Commentary on the code provisions
  • Illustrations representing the provisions under discussion
  • Multiple choice questions that can be used to evaluate your knowledge.

Before beginning the quizzes, you should thoroughly review the International Plumbing Code, focusing on the key points identified at the beginning of each study session.

The workbook is structured so that after every question the student has an opportunity to record his or her response and the corresponding code reference.

The correct answers are found in the back of the workbook in the answer key.

This study companion is primarily focused on those subjects of specific interest to plumbing inspectors and contractors,as well as many building officials, plans examiners and combination inspectors.   

If you're studying the International Plumbing Code in order to pass the plumber's examination in your state, this code study companion will help you retain information to help you answer the difficult questions on the exam.