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2012 Virginia Maintenance Code

2012 Virginia Maintenance Code

The 2012 Virginia Maintenance Code helps you plan and build for maintenance compliance!

Price: $43.95
ISBN: 9781609833404
Product Code: 5085S12
Year: 2012
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 46
Publisher: International Code Council

2012 Virginia Maintenance Code provides regulations to protect occupants of existing buildings and structures from health and safety hazards arising from the improper maintenance and use of those buildings and structures. Any local government may enforce the Virginia Maintenance Code and may assign enforcement responsibility to a local agency of its choice.

International Property Maintenance Code Chapters:

  • Chapter 1. Administration
    • Section 101. General
    • Section 102. Purpose and Scope
    • Section 103. Application of Code
    • Section 104. Enforcement, Generally
    • Section 105. Unsafe Structures or Structures Unfit for Human Occupancy
    • Section 106. Appeals
  • Chapter 2. Definitions
  • Chapter 3. General Requirements
  • Chapter 4. Light, Ventilation and Occupancy Limitations
  • Chapter 5. Plumbing Facilities and Fixture Requirements
  • Chapter 6. Mechanical and Electrical Requirement