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2014 Photovoltaic Power Systems Book, Second Edition

2014 Photovoltaic Power Systems Book, Second Edition

Compare three codes in one concise book!

Price: $94.95
Product Code: 341002
Year: 2014
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: International Association of Electrical Inspectors

Imagine a textbook that covers the duties and responsibilities of plan reviewers, installers, and inspectors, which gives an overall code-compliant picture of the requirements of these installations. Whether you are reviewing plans, installing a system, or inspecting the job, you have ready access to complete information.

No matter which code the jurisdiction has adopted -- you're covered! Learn from a man who has researched, built, and tested PV Power Systems; and who, under contract with the US Department of Energy, has provided engineering support to the PV industry, and who has helped formulate standards and codes for the PV Industry for 24 years.