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A Builder’s Guide: Green from the Ground Up

A Builder's Guide: Green from the Ground Up

By Scott Gibson, David Johnston

A thorough, informative, and up-to-date reference on green, sustainable, and energy-efficient home construction!

Price: $24.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781561589739
Year: 2008
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 330
Publisher: Taunton Press

Eco-friendly housing used to be thought of as expensive, ugly or just plain weird. Now it's becoming common. David Johnston and Scott Gibson offer guidance on environmentally sensitive home building in Green from the Ground Up: Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient Home Construction.

The book helps builders and homeowners create houses that conserve natural resources and are energy-efficient and healthful. It's packed with information, tips, illustrations and case studies that offer wisdom earned from experience.

This guidebook clarifies definitions of green and sustainable and guides builders and architects through the process of new or remodel green construction, including issues of site, landscaping, durability, and energy-efficiency.

Green from the Ground Up starts with clear explanations of the concepts and fundamentals of green, healthy, and energy-efficient construction and walks the reader through the entire construction process, injecting expert advice at every decision point.

Construction techniques, materials, and products are thoroughly explained, making the often vaguely understood concepts cleanly understandable. The book gives builders and architects the tools to respond to growing requests from homeowners for green and energy-efficient houses, whether new or remodeled.

Homeowners can use Green from the Ground Up to understand the concepts, process, and options, whether they're doing it themselves or working with a professional!