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Building Environments: HVAC Systems

Building Environments: HVAC Systems

By Alan J. Zajac

This book's unique style makes this fully illustrated text the best single reference if you are entering the HVAC industry or want to expand your knowledge of HVAC and control systems.

Price: $128.95
ISBN: 9780766821002
Product Code: 0766821005
Year: 2000
Binding: Spiral     Page Count: 250
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Creating healthy, productive indoor environments can be the greatest challenge facing those involved with designing buildings.

If  you engineer, install, service, or operate heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, this book will become your most needed reference.

This comprehensive, easy-to-read text builds your understanding of HVAC systems and the controls that manage them.

Through illustrations and realistic examples, Building Environments: HVAC Systems clearly and concisely explains how mechanical and control systems work together to create quality building environments.

You'll learn the technical details behind these complex HVAC systems without being overwhelmed. The unique, fully illustrated style of this book makes it the best single reference available for those entering the HVAC industry, or for those just wanting to expand their knowledge of HVAC and control systems.

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