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Business from the Heart

Business from the Heart

By Craig Galati

Focusing on just eight critical areas of management, Craig Galati unveils a dynamic new approach to business that emphasizes high-touch over high-tech.

Price: $24.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781557017222
Year: 2011
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: BNI Publications, Inc.

Craig Galati has successfully implemented this uniquely 21st Century approach to doing business at Lucchesi Galati, an architectural firm where he is a partner, and in his new book, Business from the Heart, he reveals the insights that have made this success possible.

Focusing on just eight critical areas of management, Craig Galati unveils a dynamic new approach in Business from the Heart that emphasizes high-touch over high-tech.

Sharing hard-won personal insights, he demonstrates how your organization can rise above the constraints of today's tough economy through:

  • Communications
    • How to approach social media
    • Building a brand
    • Building relationships
    • Taking risks
    • Being true to who you are 
  • Culture
    • If you do not manage culture, it will manage you
    • How to get your culture in alignment with your values and goals
    • Creating a market-focused culture
    • Hiring people who fit your culture
  • HHHH Expectations
    • Creating expectations (for employees AND customers)
    • Fulfilling expectations
    • Fostering innovation
  • Integrity
    • Keeping the hard promises
    • What stress tells you about yourself
    • Authentic networking 
  • Passion
    • Focusing on what you love
    • Maintaining an attitude of gratitude
    • Earning commitment from others and fueling them with passion 
  • Relationships
    • Finding courage
    • Caring about people
    • Becoming a trusted advisor 
  • Responsibility
    • Becoming purposeful
    • Becoming a planner and an organizer
    • Becoming driven
    • Avoiding busywork
    • Taking risks
  • Vision
    • Trusting your gut
    • Building a culture of faith
    • Balancing faith with reality
    • Staying positive
    • Focusing on value
    • Planning the company of tomorrow