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California Construction Contract Writer

California Construction Contract Writer

By Gary Moselle

Make sure your contracts are legal with California Contract Law. Protect your business and resolve disputes in your favor. Includes CD-ROM!

Price: $129.50
Product Code/ISBN: 9781572182202
Year: 2009
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 374
Publisher: Craftsman Book Company

California has some of the stangest contract law requirements in the U.S. A contractor is required to provide proof of insurance and provide special attachments with his contact at the time of signing for it to be valid. These are just some of the requirements that must met for the contract to be valid in the case of a dispute.

A contractor may operate with a dime-store contract for years without a problem, but once a dispute arises, the judge decide the contractor's contract was invalid, and subject him to fines, or even revoke his license. And he will most likely lose the court case and have worked for free.

Construction Contract Writer is a program that comes FREE with this book. This program creates custom contracts that cover all the specifics of the job and let you choose the parameters of all the specifics. When you deliver a bid, you can deliver a perfectly-crafted, custom contract ready for signature.

Best of all, you'll be confident the contract protects your interest and includes all disclosures required by California and federal law. No legal background required. Just answer interview questions to construct contracts that fit your jobs precisely -- anything from a small home repair project to a shopping center or industrial building. Then click to spawn subcontracts that mirror the prime contract exactly. No more relying on "flow-down" to subcontractors.

Best of all, your contracts will comply will all California Contract laws. Friends and associates will want to borrow this book to practice drafting contracts of their own. But keep the book handy when activating the software.