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Construction Master Pro Trig

Construction Master Pro Trig

Provides the building professional with complete trigonometric function!

Price: $95.95
Product Code: 4080
Publisher: Calculated Industries

The Construction Master Pro Trig Feet-Inch-Fraction calculator provides the building professional complete trigonometric function. This powerful and advanced construction-math calculator features new built-in solutions and expanded preference selection.

It allows you to easily determine precise angle measurements and solve the most complex design and construction-math problems. Perfect for estimating materials and costs. In the field or office it helps assure accuracy, save time and money.  


  • Work in and convert between any building dimension, including Metric
  • Trigonometric Function
  • Find Weight per Volume
  • Built-in Right-Angle solutions
  • Complete Stair Layouts Roof, Rafter and Framing solutions
  • Circular: Arcs, Circumference, Segments and More  

New Features, Functions and Enhanced Solutions:

  • Stairs -- Set Riser Height and solve for Stairwell Opening
  • Studs -- Find number On-center for an entered Length
  • Compound Miter Cuts
  • Arched Rake-Walls
  • Equal sided Polygons

Every angle or cut you need in construction has been figured out fot you in advance. Just enter the dimensions, push the keys and you're ready to cut!