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Contractor’s Plain-English Legal Guide

Contractor's Plain-English Legal Guide

By Quenda Behler Story

This easy-to-read handbook will show you how to avoid hidden legal problems!

Price: $49.50
ISBN: 9781572181069
Product Code: 1572181060
Year: 2002
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 269
Publisher: Craftsman Book Company

Being a contractor in today's society is like avoiding snakes in a swamp. You might not be able to see all of the dangers, but they're there. This book guides you away from the danger spots and shows you how to take a safer path, so you can avoid trouble, lawsuits, and lawyers.

There are many legal actions you can do yourself, this books shows you how. And if you really need a lawyer, this book tells you what to do and when. For the price of 15 minutes in a lawyer's office you can have a guide that makes many of those lawyer visits unnecessary.

Whether you're an experienced contractor who's paid too much to too many lawyers, or a newcomer without the experience or financial backing to risk a legal battle, this book will guide you away from danger spots and along a safer path.

Includes a CD-ROM with blank copies of all the legal forms, notices and contracts shown in the book, plus extra blank forms, with instructions.