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Dear Homeowner: A Book of Customer Service Letters

Dear Homeowner: A Book of Customer Service Letters

By Carol Smith

Carol Smith contributes her customer service expertise to more than 70 clearly written letters you can use for customer communications

Price: $45.00
ISBN: 9780867185119
Product Code: 0867185112
Year: 1999
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 160
Publisher: NAHB Home Builder Bookstore

Each letter is included on computer disk, so you can personalize it and print it on your company letterhead.

Smith has written letters to cover every aspect of the builder-customer relationship:

  • Scheduled letters help you communicate each step of the home building process and foster customer confidence
  • Occasional letters prepare you to address the endless variety of situations generated by customers and new homes
  • Letters for difficult situations and tough customers will help you respond to negative or emotional situations in a calm, diplomatic manner

Whether you use the letters as they appear in the book, adapt them to meet your specific needs, or use Smith's writing tips and customer service advice to compose new letters, Dear Homeowner will help you improve your communications with customers!