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DCD Magazine 2-Yr Sub w Conceptual Estimator + BNi General Construction Costbook

DCD Magazine Two Year Subscription with Gold Level Access to the Conceptual Estimator

With the DCD Conceptual Estimator & Magazine Two Year Bundle you get a two year subscription to Design Cost Data magazine and two years of Gold-Level access to the DCD Conceptual Estimator (PLUS the 2019 BNi General Construction Costbook -- a $119.95 value) all for $239.00

Price: $239.00
Product Code/ISBN: DCDARCH2
Year: 2018
Publisher: Design Cost Data

Please Note: For immediate access to the Conceptual Estimator, please create a free subscription on We will upgrade you to gold access within 24 hours (M-F).

Design Cost Data is the industry's number one source of square foot cost estimating data based on real life projects. And with the Design Cost Data Conceptual Estimator & Magazine Two Year Bundle you get a two year subscription to DCD Magazine bringing you every bi-monthly issue. Plus you get two years of Gold-Level access to the DCD Conceptual Estimator – an incredibly powerful online tool that gives you detailed square foot costs for practically any building type with just 6 clicks of your mouse!

Just look at what you get:

  • A two year subscription to Design Cost Data – Each issue of DCD Magazine brings you a close-up look at recently completed building projects of all kinds, complete with cost breakdowns and insights into the special design and construction challenges that had to be overcome.
  • Two years of unrestricted gold-level access to the DCD Conceptual Estimator. Browse over 1,700 actual construction projects. Search by size, project category or numerous other criteria. Simply change the size, completion date and location ... and a new detailed estimate is created for you instantly! Download, print, or save.
  • The BNi General Construction Costbook -- Over 500 pages of current, thoroughly researched costs for over 12,000 tasks (demolition, excavation) and materials (concrete, lumber, electrical components, etc.) with installation costs, and materials costs clearly broken out.  An essential resource for every estimator!

With the Design Cost Data Conceptual Estimator & Magazine Bundle you become an instant expert at conceptual cost estimating. You get ALL the tools you need to accurately estimate the square-foot cost of practically any project your client proposes with incredible accuracy and speed.

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