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DEWALT Contractor’s Daily Logbook and Jobsite Reference

DEWALT Contractor's Daily Logbook and Jobsite Reference

Carefully designed, innovative log system provides quick, easy, and accurate daily entry process!

Price: $24.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781435499935
Year: 2010
Binding: Spiral     Page Count: 352
Publisher: Cengage Learning

In this unique daily log, you'll find a place for the date, weather information, including the high and low temps, job information, the scheduled completion date -- and if, or if not, the project is on schedule.

If the job is behind schedule, there's a spot to indicate how many days. There's also a place to list inspections to be performed, special jobsite information, injuries and actions taken in response to the injury, and other safety topics. But wait -- this isn't just a jobsite log!

There's also supplementary material to help you with those uncommon problems that come up on the jobsite.

There's construction math to help you:

  • Determine rafter length
  • Figure roof area from the plans or roof area from walking the roof
  • Calculate coverage per roll of felt
  • Determine the quantity of studs needed for framing
  • Find the required slope for excavations
  • Figure cubic yards for excavation estimates
  • Estimate cubic yards of concrete
  • Calculate brick, block, and mortar
  • Estimate drywall, tile, and wall paint quantities

It also includes practically every abbreviation and symbol ever used on a set of plans, as well as a 24-page English to Spanish dictionary. It's like having three books in one!

Keep track of your jobs. Get your copy today!