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DEWALT 2011 National Electrical Code 2nd Edition

DEWALT Electrical Code Reference Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code, Second Edition

The DEWALT Electrical Code Reference is the perfect companion to the 2011 NEC!

Price: $21.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781111545482
Year: 2011     Page Count: 88
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Transform complex residential electrical installation requirements into practical, simple, easy-to-understand concepts -- all with a tool durable enough to withstand any jobsite or toolbox conditions. DEWALT Electrical Code Reference examines all aspects of residential wiring, from the rough-in stages to the final trim out.

It explores each room of the house in detail, with large clear illustrations, including receptacle placement, smoke detector installation, stairwells, and crawl spaces. The book's thorough coverage also expands to address grounding and bonding requirements, HVAC circuits, GFCI and AFCI requirements, and even voltage drop calculations.

Enhancing this content are the book's powerful features and important learning tools:

  • Worksheets to simplify advanced load calculations
  • Clear, straightforward diagrams for wiring devices
  • And code references that highlight critical NEC 2011 requirements

You never know when you'll be in the middle of an electrical job and need a formula, an NEC code reference, or some caluable bit of information in order to complete the job. This duable little book fits easily in your toolbox and provides access to areas critical for success in an electrical professional's career, from motors, transformers, and grounding, to voltage drops, fastener charts, and tools.


  • Clarifies key concepts with detailed tables, figures, and formulas that will enhance your understanding of how to comply with the code
  • Provides easy access any time or place that you need it with a sturdy, durable packaging that can withstand weather and site conditions
  • Withstands the roughest jobsites with a durable, heavy duty plastic cover that will weather the elements to provide reference material -- anytime, anywhere

Packed with valuable diagrams, practical examples, and everything to solve any and all problems that pop up on the job. Offers a wide range of topic coverage to make this a one-stop reference book that contains everything you need.

New to this Edition:

  • Updated to the National Electrical Code, 2011 Edition
  • Facilitates understanding with easy-to-find NEC 2011 references

This is the perfect book to have handy on the job -- as a back up reference when you can't remember all that the NEC requires and need to find the answer fast!