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Electrician’s Exam Prep Guide to the 2008 NEC w/ CD-ROM

Electrician's Exam Prep Guide to the 2008 NEC w/ CD-ROM

This is a tool every journeyman and master electrician candidate will find worth several times the small expense. Includes a FREE Interactive Study CD-ROM!

Price: $49.50
Product Code/ISBN: 9781572182035
Year: 2008     Page Count: 352
Publisher: Craftsman Book Company

If you're getting ready to take the electrician's exam and drowning in pages of tables, rules, and exceptions, here's the book you need! You'll find almost a thousand multiple-choice questions to study, based on actual tests administered over the last few years in states and counties across the U.S.

The questions are written just as they are on the exams, except the answer, and an explanation is provided below each question. You can test your knowledge as you go through the book. Each chapter of Electrician's Exam Prep Guide begins with a basic explanation of the topic, followed by dozens of questions on that particular area of electrical work. There are digrams to aid you in understanding the subject, and direct references to the National Electrical Code sections or tables that apply to the questions.

The chapters cover practically all the subjects likely to be tested on the exam, including:

  • Electrical systems
  • Utilization equipment
  • Electrical calculations
  • Electrical measuring and testing
  • Branch circuits and feeders
  • Electric motors and motor controls
  • Electric services
  • Special occupancies
  • Distribution equipment
  • Transformers and capacitors

Read each question and try to pick the correct answer. Then look to see if you were right. If not, review the NEC section cited and make sure you understand why the given answer was correct. Once you've been through the book and can answer all the questions, it's time to take the practice test included in the back of the book.

Take the test as though it were the real one. Give yourself the alloted time. Then grade yourself using the answer page included before the index. Any questions you missed -- go back to the chapter on that subject and review it again.

Haven't applied for the exam yet? There's a listing of State Contractor's Examination Offices and who to contact for an application form. You'll also learn how to prepare for the exam and what to expect on exam day. This is a tool that every journeyman and master electrician candidate will find well-worth their investment.

Includes a CD-ROM with all the questions in the book, in an interactive format with the answers and any pertinent Code sections popping up with a mouse click. Let the computer be your teacher and make studying for the exam fun! You can even take a timed practice test and the computer will grade you.

Includes a timed exam so you can practice for the actual and see where you need to study more. You will need a computer with a CD-ROM drive running Microsoft Windows.

As one customer wrote:

"I passed the practice timed final exam in the back of the book with an 83, passed the actual exam with an 85. Don't think I would have passed without it...Highly recomended."