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Electrical Wiring Industrial 16th Edition

Electrical Wiring Industrial 16th Edition

By Stephen L. Herman

Contains everything you need to install wiring systems safety and securely!  Based on the 2017 National Electric Code.

Price: $148.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781337101929
Year: 2018     Page Count: 384
Publisher: Cengage

Electrical Wiring Industrial 16th Edition is the perfect step-by-step guide introduction into installing wiring systems for industrial buildings.  Written and created specifically for students at a two-year community college or technical college this toolbox manual comes with examples of blueprints to help you apply everything you have learned.  You can apply teachings to actual building and designs!  The 16th edition also comes with new and expanded sections on service entrances, transformers, conductor selection, and motor control systems.  Each chapter includes breathtaking visuals from photographs to diagrams to help you understand and apply the concepts even more.  To help you develop your skills and prepare you for your future even more each chapter comes complete with real world application with tips and information on what to do when a problem presents itself on the job. 

If you are looking for a book that can help you get your foot in the door for electrical wiring in industrial building than this is the text for you! Presented in an easy to learn and understand format it will help you learn more about those key concepts that are needed to get the job done.  From example problems to solutions and real world application there isn’t a better book out there to help you along the path of electrical wiring.  Order your copy today!

Table of Contents

1. Plans and Sitework.
2. The Unit Substation.
3. Feeder Bus System.
4. Panelboards.
5. Trolley Busways.
6. Using Wire Tables and Determining Conductor Sizes.
7. Signaling Systems.
8. Basic Motor Controls.
9. Motors and Controllers.
10. Motor Installation.
11. Power Factor.
12. Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Other Facilities.
13. System Protection.
14. Lightning Protection.
15. Site Lighting.
16. Programmable Logic Controllers.
17. Developing a Program for a PLC.
18. Fiber Optics.
19. Hazardous Locations.
20. Harmonics.
Appendix: Electrical Specifications.
Code Index.

All information is up-to-date and current with the 2017 National Electric Code