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Electrical Code Inspection, Equipment DVD

Electrical Code Inspection, Equipment DVD

By Rick Neall, Stephen Showalter

Learn Electrical Code inspection techniques required for equipment!

Price: $46.50
Product Code: 896431001071
Year: 2006
Binding: DVD
Publisher: ShowMeHow Videos

Rick Neall shows you Electrical Code inspection techniques required for equipment. Neall, a veteran electrical code inspector and licensed master electrician, is the perfect host. He's been teaching proper code inspection techniques on the National Electrical Code for many years and now shares his knowledge of these specialized inspection techniques with you on this video.

In This Video You Will Learn:

  • What electrical equipment is per the NEC How to evaluate various types of equipment
  • Techniques for inspecting equipment per the NEC
  • The importance of grounding the equipment
  • The importance of the manufacturers label
  • Code requirements for the electrical equipment
  • Proper safety considerations for all equipment
  • Basic electrical theory
  • How to perform basic equipment load calculations

If you want to learn Electrical Code Inspection techniques for equipment just watch this video. You'll be amazed at what you learn!

66 minutes