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Elevator World Inspection Handbook, Seventh Edition

Elevator World Inspection Handbook, Seventh Edition

By Zack McCain

Make sure your inspections are accurate with the new Elevator World Inspection Handbook!

Price: $29.50
Product Code: INSPHB7TH
Year: 2019
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Elevator World Inc.

Make sure you are well-informed and accurate in your inspections with the new Seventh Edition of the Elevator World Inspection Handbook.


  • The 2019 Edition is a complete revision that references the ASME A17.1 2019 and A17.3 2015 code changes.
  • Supports even the most experienced elevator inspectors in assuring compliance with ASME QEI-1
  • Putting "need to know" information at the inspector's disposal, this is an invaluable reference tool for all.
  • A reference guide that helps to located code rules/requirements in the applicable edition.
  • Full of tables which feature effecitve date of code changes for escalators, moving walks, and elevators.
  • Modernized with serveral new drawings and charts to aid filed technicians.
  • Scaled to the perfect size to fit any toolbox or briefcase for easy use in the field.