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Framing a House

Framing a House

By Roe Osborn

Walks readers through house framing in an easy to understand way!

Price: $21.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781600851018
Year: 2010
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 240
Publisher: Taunton Press

House framing can be an intimidating challenge. Thousands of pieces of wood must be cut to precise dimensions, according to a set of plans.

Accurate and safe assembly is critical as the house must support the weight of building materials, equipment, appliances, and people -- there's simply no room for error. And yet, this comprehensive, accessible, and highly visual book walks readers through this complicated process with ease.

It's all here, including:

  • Using the right tools and framing a first-floor deck
  • To building stairs, roofs, and dormers
  • Installing exterior trim

Former Fine Homebuilding editor and builder Roe Osborn doesn't leave out the hard parts; he simply makes them understandable!