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Journeyman Electrician’s Review Based on the 2008 NEC, Sixth Edition

Journeyman Electrician's Review Based on the 2008 NEC, Sixth Edition

By Richard E. Loyd

Fully updated based on the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code!

Price: $61.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781418052836
Year: 2008
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 368
Publisher: Calculated Industries

This all-inclusive Journeyman Electrician's Review provides users with a proven way to prepare for and pass professional licensing exams. In addition to three comprehensive practice exams, each chapter of this concise study guide focuses on a specific topic covered on the journeyman licensing exams, including general wiring methods, overcurrent protection, grounding, special equipment and occupancies, and more.

Each chapter also contains questions that are styled like those that appear on actual exams. These questions guide readers quickly and efficiently to mastery of the content. With each question relating to an NEC topic, users are directed to cite a specific code reference as part of the answer. As a result, they gain hands-on practice using the electrical industry's most authoritative reference as part of their test preparation, ensuring maximum readiness for all of the challenges they'll face in the field as licensed journeyman electricians.

Journeyman Electrician's Review, Sixth Edition: Based on the 2008 National Electrical Code includes realistic practice exams, plus a math refresher to update your skills in working with fractions, decimals, square roots and powers -- essential skills for all electricians.   Each easy-to-understand chapter in this concise, yet comprehensive, study guide invites you to examine a specific topic on the master electrician licensing exam in detail -- from general wiring methods and branch circuits through special conditions and communications systems.


  • An introduction to examinations, national testing organizations, and approved testing laboratories is included to acquaint you with all aspects of master electrician licensure
  • Chapter-end questions are styled like the ones on licensing exams, allowing you to identify topics you've mastered, and pinpoint those that require further study
  • Questions about 2008 National Electrical Code-related topics require you to cite specific code references, providing practice in using the 2008 National Electrical Code, plus familiarity with the new code requirements
  • Practice tests mimic actual licensing exams to familiarize you with standard exam formats, helping you assess your readiness, and build your confidence
  • Answers to all tests and questions are included in the back of the book, making it perfect for self-study

This book offers electrical any electrician studying for the exam a concise, easily understandable study guide to the 2008 Edition of the National Electrical Code and the application of electrical calculations. This text is written recognizing that there are many types of electricians and that each may have their own diverse interests and varying levels of experience. However, the interests of the relatively experienced electrician preparing to enter the electrical industry as a legally competent licensed electrical contractor, the master electrician, the journeyman electrician, the electrician-in-training, and especially the advanced electrical student apprentice were all carefully considered in the text's preparation.

It provides a ready source of the basic information on the National Electrical Code. This text may be used for reference or as exam preparation material for electricians who are preparing for an examination for licensing. It is especially designed as an aid to those studying for the nationally recognized examinations, such as the International Code Council (ICC).

It will also help anyone preparing for any electrical examination, or it will provide a quick, easily understood study guide for those needing to update themselves on the National Electrical Code and basic electrical mathematical formulas and calculations. The text is brief and concise for easy application for class room or home study.