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Marble and Stone Slab Veneer, Third Edition

Marble and Stone Slab Veneer, Third Edition

The source book for stone slab veneer information!

Price: $29.00
Product Code/ISBN: 9780940116429
Year: 2007
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 104
Publisher: Masonry Institute of America

Building stone is used for artistic expression. Limited only by the imagination of the designer who wants the artistic features and permanence of building stone, these features are obtained through the assemblage of essential pieces into a magnificent sculpture of a building. Marble and Stone Slab Veneer has been developed to assist the designer who uses natural thin stone slab veneer.

Marble and Stone Slab Veneer addresses design, detailing, fabrication and installation of precision dimension stone which is beneficial to the Architect, Engineer and Contractor. Covers all aspects of stone veneering, including design requirements, installation and anchor details, and everything else an architect needs to know for the designing and detailing of stone slab veneer.

The selection and adaptation of the proper, simple connections, anchors and explicit details will greatly ensure that fabrication and installation will be made with the minimum of problems.

If you are an architect, contractor, or engineer looking to work or specify marble or stone veneer you need this valuable guide to help you understand all the aspects of designing, detailing, and installing marble and stone!