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Model Program for Special Inspection, Based on 2009 IBC Chapter 17

Model Program for Special Inspection, Based on 2009 IBC Chapter 17

Provides the building official with guidance on the administration and implementation of the special inspection requirements of Section 1704 of the 2009 International Building Code.

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Product Code/ISBN: 9781580019118
Year: 2009     Page Count: 66
Publisher: International Code Council

A guideline to assist building officials in the administration and enforcement of special inspection code provisions.This guidance is based on recommended practices and the consensus of building officials, design professionals, and inspection and testing agencies. Duties and responsibilities of the building official, special inspector, project owner, engineer or architect of record and contractor are clearly defined in this unique guide.

In the past, special inspection tasks were often delegated to the project owner, architect or engineer of record, and sometimes building contractors. In the 21st century, the responsibilities of the building official in providing oversight of special inspection activities are driven by several factors, including legal liability, insistence on competent performance and completion of work as specified and approved, and more involvement of local government. Accordingly, the use of certified individuals or accredited special inspection agencies is becoming increasingly prevalent and necessary. Section 1 10.4 authorizes the building official to accept reports of approved inspection agencies provided such agencies have been found to satisfy the requirements as to qualifications and reliability.

Under the IBC, special inspection is not a discretionary activity, nor does it replace required structural observations as required by the design professional in responsible charge. The conditions under which special inspection must be utilized are clearly stated in IBC Section 1704; however, there is a provision for the building official to waive special inspection for minor work. A special inspector is an individual with specialized skills who observes critical building or structural features identified by the design professional responsible for compliance with plans and specifications approved by the building official. Ensuring the competence of special inspectors or special inspection agencies is the responsibility of the building official.

Although the IBC lacks specific qualification requirements, this fact does not lessen the importance of diligence in the critical process of approving special inspectors. Recognizing the need to support its member building departments across the U.S. and globally, the International Code Council (ICC) developed certification and accreditation programs to identify competent individuals and organizations that perform special inspection. ICC Certification and Testing programs require individuals seeking certification as special inspectors to have demonstrated a level of competence in a manner that will protect the safety and welfare of the public. This book reflects this inspection training and explains how it can work for your organization.

Table of Contents:

  1. Special Inspection -- An Overview
  2. General Program Guidelines
  3. Recommended Special Inspector Qualifications
  4. Recommended Testing and Inspection Agencies Accreditation

If you are search for a guide on how to set up an approved inspection program, you need this book as your guide!