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Motors 2nd Edition

Motors 2nd Edition

Motors 2nd edition gives a full summary of the fundamentals of motor operating, as well as electrical theory as it relates to installation and troubleshooting. This book is created to aid the reader understand the basic and advanced concepts of Motors. It includes the most recent information on motor operating basics, braking, starting and installation. 

Price: $102.00
Product Code/ISBN: 9780826919823

Many different types of specialized motors are explained. More specifically, this book goes over magnetism and induction, motor construction, three-phase motors, squirrel-cage motors, AC alternators, synchronous motors, wound-rotor motors, motor protection, single-phase motors, special-application motors, troubleshooting motors, motor alignment, drive systems and clutches, bearings, motor protection, DC motors and generators, multi-speed motors, adjustable-speed drives. Motors also presents correct safety procedures in compliance with the National Electrical Code® and NFPA 70E®.