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NFPA 13: Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook, 2016 Edition

NFPA 13: Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook, 2016 Edition

Stay up-to-date with the new 2016 NFPA 13: Installation of Sprinkler Systems

Price: $241.95
Product Code: 13HB16
Year: 2016
Binding: Hardcover     Page Count: 1,248
Publisher: National Fire Protection Association

Solve sprinkler challenges with the Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook, the most complete reference on sprinkler design and installation ever published! Written by today's foremost experts in fire sprinkler engineering, fire testing, and applications, the 2016 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook is a revolutionary tool that delivers the know-how and answers needed for compliant and efficient design, installation, and testing.

The 2016 NFPA 13 Handbook offers a groundbreaking level of support. The 2016 Edition of NFPA 13 is current with the latest sprinkler technology, delivering scientifically-based solutions that reduce risks and fire loss -- and only the Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook contains detailed explanations of NFPA 13 provisions, real-world visuals, and a wealth of "extra" material not in the Standard itself.

It's your source for everything on NFPA 13, and it includes:

  • The complete text of the 2016 NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems -- with vertical rules alerting you to new text, and bullets for deletions
  • Exclusive commentary that clarifies NFPA 13's intent and rationale written by Kenneth Isman, George Laverick, David Fuller, Robert Caputo, Roland Huggins, Victoria Valentine, Dana Haagensen, Garner Palenske, Bradford Cronin, James Lake, Kerry Bell, and Matthew Klaus
  • 300 full-color photos, graphics, and illustrations, with new drawings rendered in detail New FAQs from the AHJ's perspective
  • A new step-by-step explanation of a complete hydraulic calculation of a system, in an exclusive new Supplement written by leading authority and educator Cecil Bilbo, Jr., President at Academy of Fire Sprinkler Technology
  • New Supplement on the evolution of storage facilities written by James Golinveaux
  • New Supplement on technical changes in the Standard QR codes that take you online for more information

Avoid errors and steer clear of issues that could compromise sprinkler operation. The 2016 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook is the most essential water-based fire protection resource for engineers, designers, contractors, inspectors, insurance professionals, and AHJs!