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NFPA 13R Installation of Sprinkler Residential 2013

NFPA 13R: Installation of Sprinkler Systems on Residential Occupancies, 2013 Edition

Install home fire sprinkler systems with the 2013 NFPA 13R and save lives!

Price: $65.00
Product Code/ISBN: NFPA 13R13
Year: 2013
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 42
Publisher: National Fire Protection Association

Safeguard people and property in low-rise occupancies with sprinkler systems installed using 2013 NFPA 13R. Provide people with the fire and life safety they deserve. Install sprinkler systems using the 2013 Edition of NFPA 13R: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Occupancies.

Renamed and fully updated to reflect the latest knowledge, this edition:

  • Includes a major change allowing a four-head calc that can eliminate conflicts in determining sprinkler coverage for sloped and beam ceilings
  • Provides updated coverage on dry type sprinkler heads
  • Includes new information on "shadow area" to help avoid ceiling fan blockage
  • Clarifies the use of residential sprinklers outside of dwelling units

The 2013 NFPA 13R also includes an update on antifreeze use and other changes. Supporting Annex material reflects NFPA 13R's new title and the document's scope and intent.