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NFPA 25: Water-Based Fire Protection HBK 2011

NFPA 25: Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Handbook, 2011 Edition

Get solid NFPA 25 answers and examples in the 2011 Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Handbook

Price: $176.95
ISBN: 9780877659075
Product Code: 25HB11
Year: 2011
Binding: Hardcover     Page Count: 480
Publisher: National Fire Protection Association

With this book you'll receive solid NFPA 25 answers and examples in the 2011 Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Handbook, plus a full-color insert for troubleshooting support.

When it comes to sprinkler system upkeep, any errors or oversights could result in fire tragedies and fire loss. Apply NFPA 25 correctly and ensure sprinkler performance with the comprehensive Third Edition Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Handbook.

Only NFPA's vital illustrated resource has:

  • Complete 2011 NFPA 25 text supplemented by expert commentary clarifying rules and their intent
  • Added case studies drawn from real-world sprinkler experience in commercial and industrial environments
  • 100+ visuals -- including a new special insert with photos in full color, to help you identify the telltale signs of pipe corrosion and decay
  • Sample inspection, testing, and maintenance forms for help in implementing your own procedures
  • Updated FAQs drawn from real-world questions
  • New vertical rules in the outer margins identify changes in the Standard
  • Five in-depth supplements cover topics such as substantive technical changes from the 2008 to the 2011 Edition of NFPA 25, detection and mitigation of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in water-based systems, and foam environmental issues (based on NFPA 11)

There's more online! The NFPA 25 Handbook includes a Web address for downloadable forms. A special URL provides online access to customizable forms for inspecting, testing, and maintaining multiple water systems.

Don't work without the most complete sprinkler maintenance reference ever developed by the NFPA 25 source!