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NFPA 72 National Fire Code and Signaling HBK 2016

NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code and Signaling Code Handbook, 2016 Edition

Avoid costly delays and violations with quick answers to your Code questions in the new 2016 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Handbook!

Price: $225.95
Product Code: 72HB16
Year: 2016
Binding: Hardcover     Page Count: 1,036
Publisher: National Fire Protection Association

For complete, reliable 2016 Code support, nothing tops the fully updated 2016 NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Handbook. Written by industry leaders, it's packed with application guidance and explanations of code intent to bring you up-to-speed on new requirements fast so you can install and maintain fire alarm and emergency communications systems for optimal effectiveness and reliability.

This essential NFPA 72 companion has everything you need to understand, implement, and enforce provisions correctly and confidently. The complete 2016 NFPA 72 text is included for convenient reference.

The 2016 Edition of the NFPA 72 Handbook features:

  • Authoritative commentary and practical explanations -- including the new chapter on documentation -- help you do jobs right and pass inspections the first time
  • Valuable charts, tables, color photos, and other graphics clarify concepts and summarize information
  • Detailed supplements add to your expertise
  • FAQs highlight key concerns

Order your key to compliance now to ensure signaling systems are up-to-code and ready to protect lives and property. Whether you need help understanding or applying requirements, want to verify that your interpretations are correct, or need to explain technical language to a non-technical audience, the Handbook's insights and examples position you for success.

Engineers, contractors, consultants, AHJs, designers, architects, and anyone who uses NFPA 72 will work smarter and more effectively with this powerhouse resource!