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Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook 7th

Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook: Clay and Concrete Masonry, Seventh Edition

By John M. Howchwalt; James E. Amrhein

Provides the coefficients, tables, charts, and design data required for the design of reinforced masonry structures.

Price: $116.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9780940116160
Year: 2012
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 665
Publisher: Masonry Institute of America

Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook is based on the requirements of the 2012 IBC. This book is useful to designers of reinforced masonry in eliminating repetitious and routine calculations. This handbook will increase the understanding and reduce the time required for masonry design.

The techniques included in this publication have been reviewed by competent engineers who have found the results to be satisfactory and safe. Detailed explanations and applications of allowable stress design and strength design procedures are presented. More than 80 step-by step examples are provided, including a one-story building and a seven-story building.

This book addresses essential information on:

  • Materials Masonry Assemblage
  • Strengths and Properties Loads Distribution and Analysis for Lateral Forces
  • Design of Structural Members by Allowable Stress Design (ASD)
  • Design of Structural Members by Strength Design (SD)
  • Details of Reinforcement and Construction Building Details
  • Special Topics
  • Formulas for Reinforced Masonry
  • Design Retaining Walls

This book is intended to assist the designer in understanding masonry design. Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook provides hundreds of drawings to maximize your ability in the practice of masonry engineering!