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Residential Construction Problem Solver

Residential Construction Problem Solver

By Bart Jahn

Residential Construction Problem Solver helps supervisors avoid the most common residential construction mistakes!

Price: $49.95
ISBN: 9780070329614
Product Code: 0070329613
Year: 1998
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 400
Publisher: BNI Publications, Inc.

Avoid the 1,200 most common errors in residential construction! Construction crews don't write memos. So while workers learn from their own and their buddies' mistakes, new workers and crews on other projects tend to commit the same common errors, over and over again. Residential Construction Problem Solver puts two decades of problem-avoiding expertise in residential construction between two covers. With an easy-to-use, illustrated checklist format, it helps builders, supervisors, architects, and workers avoid the 1,200 most common residential construction mistakes.

Written by a seasoned construction pro, the fully illustrated Residential Construction Problem Solver gives you a stage-by-stage guide to:

  • Avoiding the 1200 most common problems in residential construction
  • All types of residential construction, from single-family homes to multi-unit dwellings
  • Clear illustrations showing solutions
  • Cost-cutting ideas for paperwork, scheduling, and project management
  • Plus, solutions for customer service and model homes!

There's never before been a book like Residential Construction Problem Solver, its revolutionary approach will save builders countless thousands of dollars and lost work hours. And if one or two of those avoided mistakes are yours, they'll easily pay for the cost of this book!