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South Carolina Mechanical Code 2015

South Carolina Mechanical Code 2015

The South Carolina Mechanical Code 2015 has updated code and gives the minimum regulations for mechanical systems using preemptive and efficiency-related laws. This code integrates the newest design, methods and materials given for anyone working with Mechanical machines in South Carolina tailored for the year 2015. 

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Product Code: 3300S15SC

This book goes into several different subjects all related to the updated Mechanical code of 2015. More specifically, it mentions how to set up natural or mechanical ventilation in medical facilities. These ventilation requirements also apply to residential buildings which have three stories or less which have been completely redone to comply with the changes in ASHRAE 62.2. There have also been changes for commercial kitchens, being redesigned based on relation sections fot Type 1 and Type 2 hoods. There have also been complete guidelines for ground source heat pump loop systems that have been included in this code. Also the best way to install and maintain piping, tubing, joints, connections and valves.