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Wiring Complete: 3rd Edition

Wiring Complete: 3rd Edition

By Michael Litchfield, Michael McAlister

Gives all the information that homeowners and contractors need for wiring projects in an easy to use, step-by-step guide!

Price: $16.95
Product Code/ISBN: 9781631868382
Year: 201
Binding: Softcover     Page Count: 288
Publisher: Taunton Press

Being a home owner can be difficult in more ways than one, but don’t let electrical wiring be one of those ways.  Grab a copy of Wiring Complete: 3rd Edition to make sure when it comes to wiring in your house, you have things covered.  This guide is everything you need to solve ANY wiring problem in your house.  You read right, ANY problem you have in your house! Stop calling those expensive electricians and start becoming your own home electrician!

This book was created by some of the best experts in the field and has been updated to include the latest National Electrical Code and other up-to-date versions of codes that are referenced.  This essential guide covers:

  • New information on remote thermostats
  • The latest details on how the world is changing in multimedia wiring
  • Expanded sections with brand-new information on receptacles, switches, and lighting
  • And many more essential techniques and standards!

Wiring Complete: 3rd Edition is unlike any other wiring book you may have encountered before.  An extremely unique do-it-yourself approach helps this book not only teach you about wiring systems, but make sure you are the one doing the work instead of someone else.  You can quickly look up any type of project, while figuring out what you need to do with valuable information and advice from the pros.  This book not only tells you how to solve the problem, but it helps you to identify the problem to help you in the future.

With over 870 different photos and 55+ illustrations to help you see how wiring systems work instead of just reading about them, this book is a must have for ANY home owner.  It’s time that you take maters into you own hands, especially when it comes to your own house.  Stop paying someone else to do a job you can do.  Take back your home!