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Standard Plans for Public Works Construction, 2012 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557018052

This essential resource is the graphical companion to the 2012 Greenbook: Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction.

Sometimes nothing explains construction standards like a clear illustration. This loose leaf manual features hundreds of standardized drawings and dimensional details covering every aspect of public works construction; from street improvement, sewers, and sanitation, to street lighting, traffic signals, retaining walls, landscaping, and irrigation systems - now all in standard English units. Every dimension is clearly illustrated so that there are no questions on the requirements of the public works standards.

New in the 2012 Standard Plans:

  • Traffic striping modeled after Caltrans Standard Plans
  • Modified curb ramp plans for new construction and retrofits
  • Updated notes on concrete boxes used in storm water conveyance

Standard Plans also features cross-sections that clearly illustrate the latest approved installation techniques, and exhaustive notes covering every detail - with clearly spelled out answers to any question you might have. Dimensions are listed in both feet and inches and metric measurements.

Most importantly, Standard Plans for Public Works Construction contains all the latest changes that have been researched and approved by the 25-member "Greenbook" committee, which includes representatives from the American Public Works Association, the Associated General Contractors of California, the Engineering Contractors Association, and the Southern California Contractors Association.

Use the illustrations in this book to make public works construction much easier. Order your 2012 Standard Plans now!