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2014 New York City Fire Code

Product Code/ISBN: 5094S14

The 2014 New York City Fire Code is a fully integrated custom code based on the International Fire Code -- Enacted by Local Law No. 26 of 2008.

This code governs:

  • The manufacturing, storage, handling, use, sale, and transportation of hazardous materials and combustible materials, except for the installation of storage tanks and auxiliary storage tanks for oil-burning equipment
  • The design, installation, operation, and maintenance of devices, equipment, and systems designed to prevent, mitigate, control, and extinguish fire, explosions, or other life safety hazards
  • Emergency preparedness and planning, including the orderly evacuation of occupants of buildings, structures, or premises in the event of fire, explosion, biological, chemical, or hazardous material incident or release, natural disaster or other emergency, or the threat thereof
  • The prevention, mitigation, and control of hazards to firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations
  • The operation and maintenance of any manual, automatic, or other fire alarm or fire extinguishing device, equipment, or system

The purpose of this code is to establish reason able minimum requirements and standards for life safety and property protection.

This Fire Code is the first comprehensive revision of New York City's fire safety laws in almost a century. By enacting a Fire Code based on the International Fire Code, New York City joins a growing number of state and local jurisdictions across the country that have adopted uniform fire safety standards, with appropriate modifications to address local conditions and concerns.

The Fire Code Revision Project was undertaken with the participation of Fire Department fire officers, engineers, inspectors and attorneys; Law Department and Department of Buildings staff; City Council members and staff; and representatives of building management, design/engineering, manufacturing, public utility, real estate, trade and union organizations.

If you are planning the construction of buildings within the city of New York, you need this code as a reference!