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2015 ICC International Building Code (IBC), Softcover

Product Code/ISBN: 3000S15

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The scope of the International Building Code covers all buildings except detached one and two family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories. Previous editions of the IBC have been adopted at the state or local level in all 50 United States plus Washington D.C.

Important changes to the 2015 IBC include:

  • New section related to steel framing added
  • Changes to automatic sprinkler system requirements
  • Carbon monoxide alarm provisions revised
  • New provisions created for blocking of high-heel trusses
  • Modifications made that allows egress through an elevator lobby
  • New code sections added covering mounted photovoltaic solar panels
  • Horizontal building separation requirements modified
  • New tables created to list the maximum building height and area of various occupancies
  • Modified definitions for Exit Access Ramp, Exit Access Stairway, and Exterior Exit Stairway
  • Snow drift surcharge loads and drift widths required to be shown on construction documents
  • New provisions added regarding an assessment by an engineer when excavation exposes the foundation of an existing building

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