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2016 WATCHBook: Work Area Traffic Control Handbook

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557018915

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Published under the authority of the WATCH Committee of Public Works Standards, Inc., the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook is the product of a dedicated team of leading experts in traffic control and safety. This valuable pocket-sized handbook has become the leading source of information for traffic control in low-speed/short-duration work areas.

The "WATCHBOOK" features:

  • COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED FULL-COLOR GRAPHICS covering all types of temporary road, lane, and shoulder closures and flagging
  • Fully illustrated details on the use of channelizers, barricades, and warning signs/devices, plus new barricade and striping graphics
  • Up-to-date safety guidelines for working in high speed areas, in the vicinity of railroads, and for handling pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Critical guidelines for maintaining worker safety within a temporary traffic control zone

Best of all, this wealth of information is all packed into a convenient, 4½" x 7½" booklet!

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