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2017 City of LA Green Building Code Complete

Product Code/ISBN: 5897L17

As time carries on, being green is one of the most important traits in the business world.  Do yourself a favor and get the 2017 City of Los Angeles Green Building Code Complete today!  This complete edition comes with the 2017 City of Los Angeles Green Building Standards Amendment pages and the 2016 California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), (Title 24, Part 11).  This complete set is everything you need to make sure your building is up to code and as environmentally friendly as possible.   The CALGreen was the first statewide green building code in the United States.  Now you get the opportunity to add the 2017 amendments to your collection with this must-have complete edition of the green building code.  Each amendment is carefully considered and added by the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) to make sure that all content is relevant and helpful keeping buildings green. 


About the California Building Standards Commission: The CBSC was created in 1953 within the Department of General Services which operates under the Government Operations Agency.  Each person on the commission is appointed by the Governor of California and confirmed by the State Senate of California.  The commission is in charge of creating a consistent building code adapted by the state.  They are in place to ensure consistency and uniformity through the code.  Some of their duties include: reviewing new standards for future building codes, publishing approved standards, carrying out California’s building code adoption processes, listening to appeals from different state building standards, making sure none of the previous or future codes overlap or conflict, and making sure the code is adapted by all. Their mission is to make sure that the statewide building code development and adoption process is efficient and effective.  Over the years the CBSC has been faced with the challenge of presenting a code that can be adopted by all businesses even though there are varying conflicts between establishments of different natures, such as restaurants and retailers, or business buildings and apartment complexes.